Daddy's Horny Little Girl


Daddy and Big Brother Sam haven’t seen HLG for too many days. We love our little girl, but frankly, we just want to use her little wet holes and abuse her. She needs a good rough fucking but it for us whether she needs it or not.

She’s a dirty little slut. I just tell her she’s our cum dump and order her to lick my ass and she’s down there. She loves it. She fucking loves licking out my ass. I slap my cock on her face and tell her she’s a stupid cocksucker.

Sam pulls her up by the hair, slaps her, and starts fucking her mouth. She’s stunned in seconds. Gagging, trying to breathe. We take turns abusing our fuck toy’s mouth. We push her past the line.

Best part is double-teaming her ass. Pinning her down. Making her take it. Slut. She cums over and over. We know our little fuck toy.

Looks like Daddy’s missing me.  I miss him lots too.  I’m flying home tomorrow.  Can’t wait to see him!!

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